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RANGE ROVER Evoque’s dramatic design is in complete harmony with the simplicity offering  confident and sophisticated engineering, its intuitive technologies gives supreme levels of functionality. Sophistication and space are abundantly in its beautifully created interior. Its best-in-class off-road adds greatly to the composure of your drive.
The Evoque has created a new level of refinement in a vehicle that is instantly recognisable. The characterful roofline
and rising waist are amplified by a strong dynamic attitude, combined with pronounced shoulder and powerful wheel arches.

There are times when the inherent capability of a RANGE ROVER Evoque truly comes into its own. Like now. Driving downtown, a thick blanket of snow has brought the city to a standstill. With the roads icy, you select All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC)*. This makes the journey to your favourite breakfast spot effortless.

Tax Free Quote

If you would like a Tax Free quote, we ask that you use this link to explore and configure the exact model and variant you are interested in. Please ensure you include any factory options and select the exterior and interior colour and trim using the manufactures website. This site is updated with all the latest specifications. Once you have completed your configuration you can then click on the “EMAIL CONFIGURATION” tab. Please enter or, your desired vehicle summary will be emailed to them so they can contact you with an exact quote.


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