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RANGE ROVER Velar leads the way in progressive design with a striking contemporary presence, advance interior technology, incredible power and performance coupled with the fuel economy normally only achieved with smaller vehicles. To understand the performance and economy these models achieve view the latest RANGE ROVER Velar performance site click here.

Velar offers you four Standard models and which ever model you choose, whether it be the standard Velar or the top of the ranger HSE you will not be disappointed with the high level of specifications. In additional to the Velar you can opt for the R-Daynamic range which has four versions the R-Dynamic, S,SE and HSE.

Tax Free Quote

If you would like a Tax Free quote, we ask that you use this link to explore and configure the exact model and variant you are interested in. Please ensure you include any factory options and select the exterior and interior colour and trim using the manufactures website. This site is updated with all the latest specifications. Once you have completed your configuration you can then click on the “EMAIL CONFIGURATION” tab. Please enter or, your desired vehicle summary will be emailed to them so they can contact you with an exact quote.


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